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Motivational Speaking

“Never give in.
Never. Never. Never. Never”
Winston Churchill

If the recession last year has taught sales professionals anything, it is that if we wish to achieve, we need to develop a sense of hope, to practice resilience and grow their positivity.

The battle for a share of the client’s wallet is going to have to be characterised by creative solutions and a total customer orientation, and less around price as being the only differentiator

Peter has worked with thousands of people around the globe - challenging them to ‘push their envelopes’ and question their limiting mindsets

Peter not only uses his business experience, but his personal achievements as the frames of reference for his talks -

  • PPL (helicopter)
  • Climbed Mt Kilimanjaro
  • Completed the Kokoda Track
  • Published author
  • Fire walker
  • Scuba diver
  • Spinning instructor
  • S.A Iron Man triathlete
  • Ultra distance runner (85+kms)
  • Circumnavigated Zanzibar, off East Africa on a surf ski
  • Life Line counselor
  • Business coach
  • Serial renovator
  • International conference speaker
  • Husband to the most inspiring person, and
  • Very happy family man.


Some recently created/customised talks include -

“If yes is the answer, what is the question …?”

“In search of your own greatness”

“Making cents of your business”

“Resilience & optimism: the cornerstones of self-mastery”

“Challenging times call for visionary strategies”

“Hope: Putting lipstick on the bulldog”

“The Recession: a time of opportunity”

“The greatness in us all”

"Selling in the 21st century: Surfing the 3rd wave”

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