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Process Improvement

In your Business, the critical 2 questions to be thought about and addressed are:

"what needs to be doubled?"


"what needs to be halved?”

The talk of coming out of the Financial Crisis has surviving and successful businesses moving out of there self imposed survival stance and start looking for opportunities again

The corridor talk and grape vine reflects this orientation:

George: "Did you hear that they might be looking at getting rid of 3 people in our back office?

Paul: (exploding) You're got to be joking! What are they doing?! Who is going to take on their workload? If they want me to do that work they must lower my target! How are the sales reps suppose to compete out there if they demand that we be in here!?

This is common response to most financial pressures in business: Cut costs However, the part of the equation that is seldom given the same amount of focus and attention in times of difficult trading conditions, is the need for revenue generation. How to do this while trying to run a business is what we do best

How do we do this? In a nutshell: By dramatically improving end-to-end processes, through removing waste (rework & duplication); decreasing throughput times and by concentrating on core value-adding activities, always results in the quality of your service proposition been driven up. The impact on your revenue will astound even the most hardened sales and operational manager The result: The improvement in the overall performance of your business will astound you.

How can we be so confident? Because we have been there when over AUD 130 million in realisable benefits have been recorded over a 24 month period, with a minimum of 10% saving on cost and a minimum increase of 20% in revenue through over a 100 focussed projects... And we can do the same for your Business...

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