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Sales Training & Coaching

"“Yes!" is the answer salespeople want to hear more of”

This is why getting to ‘yes’ is the key driver behind all our sales training.

We help sales people pitch to customers and clients in such a way that they say 'yes' more often than they say 'no' or 'maybe'

Sales Training

What we do well is to develop and train client-specific sales skill-sets that enable your sales people to sell more services, processes or products with greater ease & effectiveness

  • Whether this be lead generation or closing skills, fulfilment or 'how to' skills to obtain repeat business, we help sales teams deliver

Whether your company has a single product which you want to sell more of, or to develop skills to exploit cross-selling opportunities, we have a reputation for making sales happen
More specifically -
Back to Basics (B2B) sales skills - aimed at getting sales people new to your company, off to a flying start.

Skills trained are -
How and where to prospect effectively
How to dramatically improve their telephone skill set
 How to probe for clients’ needs and wants competently
 How to present the Features Advantage and Benefits of your products or services in such a way that more of them say “yes”
 Techniques on how to close a sale
 Skills to overcome objections
 Skills to keep in touch with clients

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Intermediate Sales skills

The 3 crucial skills trained are:

 Self awareness. Be made objectively aware of how your clients view you as a sales professional. Learn about the pivotal behaviors that will sway a client moving from being a prospect to becoming a high worth client
 Flexibility. Learn how to read your client at the turning points in the sales process, and skills how to adapt
 Application. Learn how to adapt your behaviors to move the deal over the line

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Advanced skills

 These are client specific workshops aimed at the top performers in your company, geared at your sales professionals who are already consistently successful.
 Topics addressed focus on the latest trends in selling methodologies, such as Provocative Selling and selling on the 3rd Curve
 Sales coaching. If your sales team has a big ticket item to pitch for, and the Team needs the support and guidance to improve the chances of winning the tender, we can help you improve the odds

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Sales Coaching

Too many sales courses end when sales people leave the workshop...

And this at the very time when sales people should be getting all the support they can be given to adopt what has been learnt - no wonder some hold the view that sales training doesn't work!

What we at Tandem Consulting do differently is the sales coaching dimension of our sales support after the intervention.

More specifically -

  • We coach sales people by acting as the bridge between the training room and the real world
  • We assist sales managers increase their bench strength by teaching them behavioral skills that will have their sales people being much more productivity.
  • We will do what is needed to help sales coaches and managers get more out of their sales people. Whether it be providing them with proven guidelines and behavioral formulas or skills sets to improve their ability to motivate their salespeople and inspire them to outperform.

In essence we doing sales coaching that results in, well (ahem), results.

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Self-Management skills

As any experienced sales person or sales manager will confirm, all sales start and end with what is happening between the sales peoples' ears.

When the marketplace becomes over traded, when clients are price sensitised and when the chances of a sales person being rejected increases, sales people often lean heavily upon the sales manager to support them emotionally.

And this is understandable. Their self-confidence erodes, their self-belief is undermined, and the once super self-assured sales person begins to behave erratically teetering, on the top of the slope down towards mediocrity.

The only thing that they develop is excuses for non-performance.

One of the reasons for this is all the buoyant times that have gone before. The confident salesperson has lost their ability to be resilient & optimistic. They have lost their ability to be persistent; to be creative; to be hope-filled and to be an inspired sales professional.

This may sound familiar, but the good news is that these critical skills can be learnt or re-learnt!

We help sales people build their own resilience and optimism to overcome adversity & the challenges of selling in competitive times.

  • We use the latest research to rebuild salespeople’s' belief in who they are: top sales people who can deliver exceptional performance consistently.
  • We assist sales people boost self-confidence to outperform consistently
  • We coach sales people to stretch their performance as the realize that they are more potential than actuality...

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Use your whole brain to double sales (at least!)

Sales people have a tendency to sell in a way that is comfortable for them - whether it is opening an interview, questioning a client about their needs, or closing.

This is a good thing - yes?

Well actually, no.

We know that salespeople could double their sales if they consciously adapted their sales pitch by using the truly awesome Neethling Brain Instrument.

We know it will dramatically improve their closing rates; develop relationships with greater ease and speed, as well as prepare and customize their sales pitch to meet and delight potential buyers.

To put it in a nutshell - it is an amazing tool to help Influencers like sales people, sales managers and sales coaches achieve a whole lot more.

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The Magic of Managing Mavericks©

Point of Truth -

By the time the sales figures are flashed up on PowerPoint, it is too late for sales coaches & sales managers to effect their outcome.

From the moment the monthly, or year-to-date figures are in black and white, whatever the sales coaches or managers do to help the situation, it is going to be, at best, remedial and playing catch-up.

The aim of "Managing Mavericks© is to tackle head-on the time consuming issues that sales managers and sales coaches face daily.

We do this by giving them a tool box of skills, tips and success-triggers to inspire, develop and coach their people to outperform.

So, if you are a sales manager or coach, and you want to:
 Be dramatically more effective at inspiring your people
 Learn crucial behaviors to make every sales meeting you have result in improvements
 Develop your reputation of being a builder of sales giants,
 Create a compelling story and personal legacy of managing mavericks,
Then the Magic of Managing Mavericks© may be the one workshop worth talking to us about.

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