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SAbona Articles: Immigrating to another planet “9 Lessons I’ve Learnt”

 1. You can’t live on 2 continents at the same time

SAbona Articles: New Year Resolutions: Success Slide or Guilt Trip?


Peter wrote the following article for - a Mag for South Africans living in Oz.

Effective Habits - The changing face of sales

Peter wrote the following article for

Adapt structured professional selling skills to your business and you’ll convert more leads, writes Tandem Consulting’s Peter Niemandt.

Why train sales people in a recession? Shouldn't they rather be out there selling?

The Global Financial Crisis has made most companies review what they offer and how they offer it. The outcome of what decisions are made now will set companies on the road to sustainability and growth, or ultimate failure.
However, there is a challenge enroute, and that is the role of atrophy.

Pete's points to ponder

ALWAYS listen to the experts...They'll tell you what can't be done and why...Then go ahead and do it
Robert Heinlein
Being successful is rather a state of being, and less about what you have achieved or possess
A. Nony-Mous

Account Management ...Art or Formula?

One can often see two ways of managing major accounts that are certain to fail. The first is management by chance. There is no control. There is no plan. No one can explain why we are winning the business or forecast how long our success will last. We do not learn from our mistakes or from our successes. This is at one extreme. At the other extreme is management by formula. Here everything is documented, controlled and decided.

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