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Well, to start -

Why use a Tandem Consultant to help your sales team sell - after all, isn’t that why you employed them in the first place?

What can working with Tandem Consulting do for you and your business?

To put it simply, make your sales revenue flow easier. Our orientation is “Doing the least to getting the most done”

Tandem Consulting is a specialist sales training and sales development house focused on assisting companies like yours outperform on their targets.

What we don’t do is to push a certain sales methodology, a sales course or a sales management workshop. We do not have agreements with suppliers to sell their products in exchange for a commission.

What we do have is many years of experience, a wide knowledge base, a strong sales business orientation and an ethical way of doing business.

Sure training and development may form part of our recommendation, but it forms only a part of the value proposition. We believe that sales occur when there are a few things in place:

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To use a metaphor - working consultants should be as salt is to food

  • Too little and it doesn't have much impact at all
  • Too much and the quintessential taste of its winning formula may be lost
  • But, with just the right quality & amount, the host company moves closer to achieving its magnificent reason for existence.

What is more, it should not cost you a cent. Seriously.

It is our contention that if a sales consulting intervention does not add measurable value to your business, at least covering its cost, then give it the flick!

Here are a few of the interventions that we have done and that have had a huge impact 


  • Facilitate and generate the necessary vision, strategies and critical success factors that are crucial to achieving sales success
  • Create feasible action plans that galvanize the Team, the B U and the Company, to become sales focused
  • Build a sustainable sales culture that allows people to outperform on targets, while embodying the Company's values.
  • Develop capacity to market your company's unique value propositions in a way that it not only differentiates your company from your competition, but helps you gain a greater share of your clients' and customers' wallet spend
  • Offerings

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Team development

As we are hard wired to be part of a social structure, we tend to perform best when we have the sense that we belong.

It therefore makes sense to bear this in mind as companies strive to achieve much in a very predatory market place. Collectively, the sales team could achieve much more than a group of sales professionals.

The collaborative impact of a highly engaged sales team can present a formidable front to how your Opposition views your Team. It will also influence how your clients view your company.

Here are a few interventions that may also have a positive impact on your Teams -

  • The creation of inspiring MTDs (Magnificent Team Dream ©) that focuses and energises the Team for "blow your hair back" out-performance .
  • The development of "what if" strategies to overcome the "normal challenges” of interpersonal issues and conflicts that threaten to de-rail team efforts.
  • Generating in your sales teams the crucial skills of hope, resilience, positivity and optimism. The advantage is that these empower them to withstand & overcome the frustration and pessimism, rejection, and resistance that comes with the territory
  • Getting your Team members to collaborate more effectively, with less stress, more personal engagement, greater effectiveness and much more enjoyment
  • Assisting your teams to lift their game beyond their wildest dreams – and this with a greater degree of mutual respect and appreciation for each team member's contribution.

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