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Well, to start -

Why use a Tandem Consultant to help your sales team sell - after all, isn’t that why you employed them in the first place?

What can working with Tandem Consulting do for you and your business?

Sales Training & Coaching

"“Yes!" is the answer salespeople want to hear more of”

This is why getting to ‘yes’ is the key driver behind all our sales training.

We help sales people pitch to customers and clients in such a way that they say 'yes' more often than they say 'no' or 'maybe'

Process Improvement

In your Business, the critical 2 questions to be thought about and addressed are:

"what needs to be doubled?"


"what needs to be halved?”

Sales Coach

“Teach me and I’ll forget.
Show me and I may remember.
Coach me and I will succeed and grow”

Motivational Speaking

“Never give in.
Never. Never. Never. Never”
Winston Churchill

If the recession last year has taught sales professionals anything, it is that if we wish to achieve, we need to develop a sense of hope, to practice resilience and grow their positivity.

Change Management

Coming soon!
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